Quantum uncertainty and free will…

I stumbled across a short clip of Michio Kaku, theoretic physicist and popular science presenter/writer, discussing the relationship between free will and quantum uncertainty. I think many would find his point of view a little simplistic but given that all things are built of smaller things, the smallest of these being subject to a variety of quantum strangenesses, there may be something to his logic (or rather the logic of those he cites).

Check out the original video and decide for yourself:


~ by confusedious on April 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “Quantum uncertainty and free will…”

  1. I love reading Michio Kaku. He has such a refreshing take on the future. Did you read Physics of the Impossible? I am constantly on the look-out for ideas for my science thrillers and he had a few good ideas there.

    • No I haven’t read it yet, I’ve only really seen him on TV. I think I may look into it though, he has a rare gift for transmitting complex scientific ideas to non-scientists, or in my case as a non-physicist. Thank you for the comment. Science thrillers? I’ll have to take a look.

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