Who is confusedious and what is he on about?

Hello and welcome to the confusedious science blog!

So who am I?

Put simply, I’m a scientist and science enthusiast. My undergraduate background was in the biomedical and biological sciences, broad fields full of things that never cease to fascinate me. I’m currently a post-graduate student at the Australian National University, studying biological anthropology, a field you will find to be the primary focus of this blog. Prior to studying science and anthropology I was a professional instructor of English as a second language, first in Australia and then in Tokyo.

I’m not really a political animal so I won’t go down that road often. On the topic of religion however, I do find creationism and intelligent (unintelligent?) design a bit foolish. This may come up from time to time. Feel free to direct bible quotes to the nearest brick wall.

For the time being the purpose of the confusedious science blog will be to present overviews of any interesting books, articles or lectures I stumble across from the fields of evolutionary biology, ecology, genetics, pathology and of course biological anthropology. If I get time I may post the occasional review and synthesis of a topic that has tickled my fancy. Forgive me if I indulge the odd tangent, I’ve been known to do that. I hope that the things I find interesting may interest you too and if I’m lucky be of some use to you. Please feel free to make requests, comment or criticise, that is what good science is all about after all.

I can be found on linkedin at http://au.linkedin.com/pub/shaun-lehmann/32/768/269

I’m also on twitter, feel free to comment or follow there http://www.twitter.com/AScienceBlog

Thanks for stopping by.



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